All of our diamonds are natural and from conflict-free sources, certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. We have made a significant financial and procedural investment in CVD-detection technology. Our commitment to supplying our industry partners only naturally occurring diamonds is unwavering. To maintain our clients’ confidence at all times, we have established mandatory procedures to check for CVD throughout our entire diamond manufacturing pipeline. We have audits check points from mine to market, in the rough, manufacturing, assortment and sales departments to ensure every single stone is checked before reaching your doorstep. We use the latest CVD-detection machinery from HRD and GIA to aid us in this process:

  • 4 Automatic Melee Screening Machines from De Beers
  • 10 D-Screen Machines from HRD
  • Raman Spectroscope Machine with expert physicist on staff to interpret results
  • Dedicated & Highly Trained Staff involved full time to conduct CVD-FREE Quality Control
  • Continuously upgrading our existing CVD-detection infrastructure with the latest available technology

Our Invoices state a declaration of confidence that any diamond sold to you will be of natural, conflict-free origin.